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Recipe Instructions

Unwrap the eggs. Dip a sharp knife in boiling water and wipe dry. Use the knife to carefully remove the top of the eggs, dipping in water and wiping dry between cuts.

Fill 2 eggs with dulce de leche. Top with biscuits and icing flowers. Fill 2 of the remaining eggs with cream cheese icing and top with lemon curd to make yolks. Fill the remaining eggs with chocolate mousse. Top with wafer rolls and sprinkles.

Recipe Ingredient

6 hollow chocolate eggs

Dulce de leche, to serve

Chocolate finger biscuits, to decorate

Mini icing flowers, to decorate

Cream cheese icing, to serve

Lemon curd, to serve

Chocolate mousse, to serve

Vanilla wafer rolls, to decorate

Assorted sprinkles, to decorate

Cook Time


Prep Time


Total Time




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Baking, biscuits, caramel, cheese, chocolate, egg allergy, gluten allergy, lactose allergy, lemon, milk allergy, peanut allergy, sesame allergy, soy allergy, tree nut allergy, wheat allergy, easter, party food, dessert, indulgent, entertaining, sweet, easy desserts, quick, basic, easy


Take chocky Easter eggs to the next level with these sweet fillings.

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