Here’s the full list of payday loan companies in Florida

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

The US is one of the largest lenders of payday loans.

There are nearly 200,000 payday lenders in the US, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with about 25,000 of them in Florida.

Here are the payday loan categories that are the most popular in Florida, according the data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).1.

Home loans2.

Credit cards3.

Credit union loans4.

Student loans5.

Cash advance loans6.

Payday loans7.

Business loans8.

Personal loans9.

Personal loan forgiveness10.

Payroll loans11.

Auto loans12.

Auto loan repayment rates13.

Mortgage loan repayment Rates14.

Home equity loan repayment rate15.

Home mortgage refinancing16.

Home loan modification rates17.

Commercial loan modification rate18.

Loan refinancing interest rate19.

Loan modification rate reduction20.

Home insurance rate reduction21.

Mortgage insurance rate reductions22.

Auto insurance rate reducing23.

Home and commercial loan refinancing24.

Home renter’s loan refinance25.

Mortgage refinancing rate reduction26.

Auto renter and title loan refinancer rate reduction27.

Home owner’s loan refinance rate reduction28.

Home renovation rate reduction29.

Mortgage and commercial refinancing30.

Mortgage interest rate reduction31.

Mortgage refinance fee reduction32.

Home improvement and rental property loan rate reduction33.

Mortgage payment interest rate savings34.

Home rental mortgage rate reduction35.

Home-equity loan refinanced36.

Home buying and renting loan refinancing37.

Home health care rate reduction38.

Home repair and maintenance loan rate savings39.

Home renovations rate reduction40.

Home ownership rate reduction41.

Mortgage origination fees42.

Interest rate reductions43.

Home sales44.

Home maintenance loan payment interest rates45.

Mortgage servicing interest rate reductions46.

Home investment loan rate reductions47.

Home warranty rate reduction48.

Home security interest rate decreases49.

Mortgage prepayment interest rate 50.

Mortgage deferment interest rates51.

Home credit card interest rates52.

Home interest rate increases53.

Home payment interest and finance rate reduction54.

Home life insurance interest rates55.

Home telephone and internet service interest rate cuts56.

Home delivery interest rate cut57.

Home internet service service rate cuts58.

Home mail delivery interest rates59.

Home office equipment and equipment interest rate decrease60.

Home medical care rate reductions61.

Home gym membership interest rate increase62.

Home transportation interest rate growth63.

Home fitness membership interest rates64.

Home food service and delivery interest reduction65.

Home Internet service rate reduction66.

Home appliance and appliance repair business interest rate rate reduction67.

Home furniture and home furnishings business interest rates68.

Home entertainment and audio equipment business interest interest rate drop69.

Home electrical and electronic appliance business interest reduction70.

Home energy business interest decrease71.

Home retail business interest decline72.

Home industrial and manufacturing business interest drop73.

Home information and communication technology business interest fall74.

Home business services business interest increase75.

Home financial services business decrease76.

Home apparel business interest and decline77.

Home home health care business decrease78.

Home dental care business increase79.

Home child care business decreased80.

Home recreation business decrease81.

Home automotive business decrease82.

Home electronics business decrease83.

Home building and renovation business decrease84.

Home real estate business decrease85.

Home finance business decrease86.

Home IT business decrease87.

Home telecommunications business decrease88.

Home professional services business increase89.

Home educational services business decreased90.

Home legal services business decline91.

Home manufacturing business decrease92.

Home education business decrease93.

Home healthcare business decrease94.

Home social services business decreases95.

Home accounting business decrease96.

Home media and entertainment business decrease97.

Home construction and remodeling business decrease98.

Home wholesale and retail business decrease99.

Home service business decrease100.

Home hospitality business decrease101.

Home commercial kitchen business decrease102.

Home restaurant business decrease103.

Home shopping and dining business decrease104.

Home garage business decrease105.

Home catering business decrease106.

Home bar and restaurant business decreased107.

Home theater business decrease108.

Home video game and entertainment game business decrease109.

Home technology business decrease110.

Home hardware business decrease111.

Home power distribution business decrease112.

Home telecom business decrease113.

Home cable television business decrease114.

Home satellite television business decreased115.

Home fiber optic broadband business decrease116.

Home wireless broadband business decreased117.

Home gaming business decrease118.

Home high-definition television business increase119.

Home television business decline120.

Home computer business decrease121.

Home mobile telecommunications business increase122.

Home online business increase123.

Home communications business decrease124.

Home smart home business increase125.

Home cloud computing business increase126.

Home multimedia business increase127.

Home storage business increase128.

Home broadband telecommunications business fall129.

Home IoT business decrease130.

Home biometric business decrease131.

Home autonomous driving business decrease132.

Home cybersecurity business decrease133.

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