‘I’m not trying to steal anything’: A former payday loan borrower says she was lied to about her loan amount

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

A former student loan borrower has accused a Fresno, California-area payday loan company of lying to her about her monthly payment.

Amber Deaton filed a lawsuit against HARTFORD, a Fresno-area company that specializes in payday loans, in the U.S. District Court in Fresno on Friday.

She claimed HARTFORCE lied to her by claiming her loan was only $200, while it was actually more than $900.

“They’re saying I can pay $300 or $400 or $500 and get my loan paid,” Deaton told ABC News’ “20/20.”

“It’s just the total scam.

It’s all about making people feel like they can’t afford to pay,” she said.

Deaton is one of thousands of borrowers nationwide who say payday lenders have preyed on them with deceptive claims that they are getting the best deal.HARTFORDE was one of several payday lenders targeted by the FBI last year.

It says it’s taken down more than 4,000 payday loans since 2011.

The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have launched investigations into HARTOFD, but the companies deny wrongdoing.

Deacon says she received her first payday loan in 2014.

She says she eventually defaulted on her loan and has been trying to pay off the loan ever since.

“My loan has been the worst,” Deacon said.

“I’ve been on food stamps and all that.

I’ve been homeless.

I’m on welfare.”

Deaton’s lawsuit claims HART FORCE’s fraudulent practices are widespread and have contributed to an “unprecedented increase in payday loan delinquencies.”HART FORDE says it is cooperating with the investigation.

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