How to tell if you owe more than your monthly salary

When you earn $50,000 a year, your monthly paycheck will come to about $30,000.That means you owe about $5,000 in interest and penalties, and about $10,000 if you’ve taken a

How to avoid payday loan lawsuits with a quick payday loan affiliate

Payday loans are a big business in the U.S., and that’s not changing any time soon.Payday lenders have been accused of bilking millions of consumers out of their hard-earned cash

How a payday loan can make you rich: How to get your money back

More The Federal Reserve, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and a host of other federal agencies are scrambling to protect consumers from predatory payday lenders, whose profits skyrocket after consumers

Why payday loans are making us sick

Corona, a Venezuelan lender that charges high interest rates, has emerged as one of the country’s largest providers of high-interest payday loans, in part because the lender has an almost

How to get a payday loan for less than $1000

You’ve just paid a bill for $1000, but you still need to pay off your debts.You can use the bankaroo payday loan site to get an instant loan from an

How to pay your bills with an online payday loan

With an average APR of 17.74%, payday loan providers in the U.S. charge interest rates well above average.But if you can find a loan that can offer you a better

What you need to know about payday loans, the latest news

Recode: The first time you borrow money from a payday loan company, you’re in for a rude awakening.If you get caught up in the excitement of getting paid back, you

What you need to know about payday loans in Alaska

More than a third of payday loan borrowers in Alaska are in arrears, according to data released Tuesday by the state Department of Revenue.That’s up from the 22 percent that

Which payday loan scams are getting more attention?

Google News has uncovered a new trend in the payday loan industry.Some lenders are asking borrowers to pay a $100 upfront fee, while others are offering the same fee as

How to get a payday loan with a low interest rate, a no-interest rate, and no minimums

The term payday loan is often used to describe a loan with lower interest rates than many lenders would like.However, there are several ways you can get a low-interest payday

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