Watch: ‘Easy payday loans in Wyoming’

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

Wyoming is a state of the United States where payday loans are often easier to obtain than those in California. 

It has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. 

“The average payday loan amount is less than $300, and most are $50,” according to the American Bankers Association. 

The State of Wyoming has a “one-year grace period” on all payday loans. 

As well as the state’s low unemployment rate, payday loans can be a great way to pay off student loans.

According to a recent report from Bankrate, the average amount of payday loans made per borrower is $4,534. 

That is more than five times the average loan amount made in California and a third of the amount that is paid by borrowers in Michigan.

“The payday loan industry has been booming in Wyoming,” said Jason Reardon, the founder of the US-based lender Fidelity. 

Reardon said he had a loan in the state last month and the interest rate was $8,000 per month. 

He said he was able to pay it off in under a year and had a better rate than many borrowers.

“If you’re a student in Wyoming, you can get a loan, and it’s going to be better than if you were in California,” he said. 

Wyoming also has a reputation as being a safe state, with a low rate of violent crime and the state has a strong gun ownership record.

“It is not the safest place in the world for young people to get a payday loan,” Reardon said.

But some have criticised the lack of regulation in the industry. 

A report from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international trade group, said: “The payday industry is rife with potential for corruption, misappropriation, and fraud.

It is also the most opaque financial system in the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions. 

This is why FFI, a global consumer advocacy group, has called on the US authorities to address the issue of payday lending practices.”

We believe that regulators need to take a hard look at how they regulate the payday loan sector,” it said.”

And we have also urged the Department of Justice to crack down on abusive payday lending, which is fuelling an epidemic of debt in the USA and undermining the economy.

“A spokesman for the US attorney general, which has the power to prosecute payday lenders, said he would be monitoring the situation.”

This is a huge concern to me.”

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